So let’s start our journey! First stop, tourist information.

Welcome to Quito, a city founded at 2850 meters over the sea level by Sebastián de Benalcazar in 1534, with a great heritage and long history before the hispanic conquest.

Nowadays we are part of 2.7 million people living in this magnificent city and «La Mariscal», «Plaza Foch» or «La Zona» is one of the most attractive areas of the city for the tourists, located between Reina Victoria and Mariscal Foch streets. Join us, we will visit bars, restaurants and particular places of this neighborhood to make things easy for you during your stay in Quito.

The name of «Plaza Foch» is given by the Marshal Ferdinand Jean Marie Foch, a well known french military during the 1st World War. That’s why the «Zone» is also known as «La Mariscal». Why did the municipality put that name to this street? soon we will know for sure, but I suppose that maybe it’s kind of a gentleness with the french government as the embassy of that country is located few blocks away.

Plaza Foch and the neighborhood that surround it, is the main point of the night living in Quito. During the day you will find language schools, little local and fast food restaurants, and local shops opened, but definitely the time to start your journey through La Mariscal should be 17:00 in the afternoon.

sumak quito rentals plaza foch 1

Sumak Quito Rentals La Mariscal neighborhood street during the morning Quito Ecuador.

Now, pretty close to Plaza Foch and our apartments and suite apartments you should get by walking 4 to 6 blocks to this tourist information point located between Diego de Almagro and Baquerizo Moreno streets. It opens at 8 AM in the morning and close at 18:30 PM in the afternoon.

sumak quito rentals plaza foch 8

Sumak Quito Rentals Tourist information point – Diego de Almagro and Baquerizo Moreno streets.

The distance between Plaza Foch area and our apartments is perfect to enjoy the zone and avoid the noise at night.

For more information regarding Plaza Foch, you could check this website.

Had you already been in this tourist information center? Give us your opinion!