Do you like to walk through forest, rest in pleasant gardens or do trail running?, then Guapulo park should be a very good alternative for you.

Sumak Quito Rentals – Guapulo Park Gardens

This park was the residence of a banker, then the government absorbed this property after his bank broke up in the decade of 2000’s, and transform it as a public park.

It have walking and running trails, a pleasant lagoon with fishes, beautiful gardens, basketball and futbol fields, even a little viewpoint to the Tumbaco valley. If you have luck you could see colibrís or quindes (little and fast birds), huiracchuros, and quilicos (little andean falcons).

Sumak Quito Rentals – Guapulo Park Viewpoint

Sumak Quito Rentals – Guapulo Park Viewpoint Gonzalez Suarez

The park is open from 6:00 to 18:30 PM, and it have no cost for the visitors.

Sumak Quito Rentals – Guapulo Park Birdsight

If you are in Quito in our apartments near Mariscal you could get to Guapulo park by bus for $0,25 cents. Near Universidad Andina and Coliseo Rumiñahui you have the bus stop of a company that goes through La Floresta and Cumbaya by Avenida de los Conquistadores (little green buses). From the main bus stop, it takes around 10 minutes to get to this park, you could ask to the bus driver to stop in front of the park main door.

If you are in our Guapulo apartment, you could take a little walk of 10 blocks or you can wait for the bus that goes downhill and you will get there.

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