Since April 16th at 18:58 when a 7,8 earthquake hits Ecuador, specially the coast provinces of Manabi and Esmeraldas, the official report confirmed 671 casualties, 6274 injuries and 113 people rescued alive from the debris.

As we informed in our first update, few hours after the earthquake, none of our apartments were affected and up to this moment we are working normally offering to our visitors the required security during their stay.

We also had the fortune to receive in our apartment near La Carolina the visit of a UN specialist who came to Quito to work with the ecuadorian team to coordinate the international help that the country received. She stayed there around 3 months as the UN offices in Quito are located near the apartment.

We also like to thanks to all of our visitors (more than 20) that did not cancelled their reservations during these months and also want to invite you to visit our country.

The reconstruction in the most affected provinces is starting. In fact, during the weekend of July 31th, Manta (a city of Manabi) was chosen as a location for an Iron Man race. People from many countries and cities stayed there for the competition and the city offered security for the racers and their families.

Feel free to contact us if you need information for your trip to Ecuador, we will be very glad to help you, don’t miss the opportunity to visit our country, and enjoy our apartments in Quito.

Visit Ecuador, visit Quito, #SumakQuitoRentals.