1. During Habitat 3 in Quito Ecuador, La Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana (CCE) and Parque El Arbolito will be UN territory from Friday October 14th 23:59 until Thursday October 20th. In that lapse this area will be fenced.

2. Hábitat III territory entrance will be done after a frisk of each visitor. Only UN countries representatives and recognized visitors will have access to the headquarters of the event at Casa De La Cultura. El Arbolito Park, Asamblea Nacional and Eugenio Espejo Convention Center exhibitions could be visited by the public after a frisk.

3. The security inside Habitat 3 territory will run by the UN. Ecuadorian police will take care of the security outside UN territory in search of explosive material and massive events care.

4. Ecuadorian army will take care of the UN foreign countries representatives.

5. The nearest ways to the event will be closed from Monday October 17th at 06:00. The ways that will be closed are 6 de Diciembre Avenue between Patria and Tarqui streets. Patria street between 12 de Octubre avenue and 6 de Diciembre avenue.

6. Ecovía and urban buses that goes trough 6 de Diciembre street will use alternative ways. Urban buses will run through 12 de Octubre avenue to Veintimilla street. Ecovía will take Patria street to 10 de Agosto avenue.

7. The blue line parking of Casa De La Cultura and Parque El Arbolito will not be available during the Habitat 3 event.

8. Students from the 14 schools nearest to the Habitat III territory will not have classes from October 17th to October 20th. This disposal will not be applied by the universities located in the area. Take in mind to commute by public transportation.

9. Pedestrian mobility will have priority in the Historic Center of the city with a large cultural offer at museums and plazas.

10. Take in mind that there will be done urban experiments at La Mariscal and La Floresta neighborhoods, where we have 2 of our apartments, to test sustainable development projects. That will implies temporal vehicular restrictions.
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